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Estuarine Living Marine Resources Database

A database on the distribution and relative abundance of 153 fishes and invertebrates in 122 estuaries in the continental U.S..  To find out more about the ELMR project, products and how the information was developed, visit the ELMR  project page or contact David Moe Nelson.

To extract data from the ELMR database, select the attributes of interest from the table below.  Then select button "Preview Query".  To save query results, hit the "Save as Text" button.

Region Estuary Species Life Stage Salinity Zone

In the query results, the relative abundance codes are defined as follows:
  • 5: Highly Abundant
  • 4: Abundant
  • 3: Common
  • 2: Rare
  • 0: Not Present

For more information on ELMR metadata, click here.