This List of Acronyms and other Abbreviations was compiled from the coral, coral reef, marine tropical ecosystems, and related peer-reviewed literature, grey literature, and other written and electronic reports, including e-mail messages. The terms on the list number nearly 3,600 (as of February 2010) and continue to grow on a daily to weekly basis. CoRIS invites readers to suggest additional acronyms and abbreviations via or

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H-ADCP Horizontal Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
ha Hectare
HAAP High-Altitude Aerial Photograph
HAB Harmful Algal Bloom
HAB Habitat Program (NOAA)
HAB Programme Harmful Algal Bloom Programme (IOC/UNESCO)
HAB-S Harmful Algal Blooms Section (PICES)
HABARB Harmful Algal Blooms and Analytical Response Branch (NCCOS/NOAA)
HABCAM Habitat Mapping Camera System
HabITS Habitat Information Tracking System
HABs Harmful Algal Blooms
HABSOS Harmful Algal Blooms Observing System
HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
HadCM3 Hadley Centre Climate Prediction Model 3
HadCRUT4 Hadley Centre/Climatic Research Unit Gridded Surface Temperature Data Set 4
HadGEM2-ES Hadley Centre New Global Environmental Model version 2 Earth System
HadRM3 Hadley Centre Regional Model 3
HAN Harmful Algae News (IOC/UNESCO)
HAPC Habitat Area of Particular Concern
HAR Hawaii Administrative Rules
HARITA Horn of Africa Risk Transfer for Adaptation
HARP High-frequency Acoustic Recording Package
HAS Hawaii Audubon Society
HAT Histone Acetyltransferase
HAZMAT Hazardous Materials
HAZWOP Hazardous Waste Operations
HAZWOPER Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard
HBOI Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
HBS Hawaii Biological Survey
HC Habitat Conservation
HC Habitat Committee
HC Hard Coral
HC Heat content
HCD Habitat Conservation Division
HCFC Hydrochlorofluorocarbon
HCFPA Hans Creek Fisheries Protected Area
HCMR Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (Greece)
HCMR Hol Chan Marine Reserve (Belize)
HCN Hydrogen Cyanide
HCN Historical Climate Network
HCP Habitat Conservation Plan
HCRI Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative
HCRI-RP Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative-Research Program
HCRIB Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative Computer Interactive Bibliography
HCSS Habitat Conservation Scientific Services (FWC Florida)
HDAC Histone Deacetylase
HDAR Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources
HDAR Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR)
HDF Hierarchical Data Format
HDF-SDS Hierarchical Data Format - Scientific Data Set
HDI Human Development Index
HE Hypoxia Effect
HEA Habitat equivalency analysis
HEAR Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project
HEART Help Endangered Animals - Ridley Turtles
HEC Hydrologic Engineering Center
HECO Hawaiian Electric Company Inc.
HELCOM Helsinki Commission
HEM Human Ecosystem Model
HEPA High Efficiency Particle Attenuator
HERMES Hotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margins of European Seas
HERMIONE Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man’s Impact on European Seas
HEW Health, Education, and Welfare
HF High Frequency
HFC Hydrofluorocarbons
HFO Honolulu Forecast Office (NWS/NOAA)
HHS Department of Health and Human Services
HHT Husbandry, Handling, and Transport (MAC)
HI Hawaii
HIC High-Income Country
HIC Hawaii Information Consortium
HIHWNMS Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine sanctuary (NOAA)
HIMAG Hawaii Marine Algae Group
HIMB Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
HINWR Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge
HiOOS Hawaii Ocean Observing System
HiOOS Hawaii Ocean Observing System
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIR humoral immune response
HIR Hawaiian Islands Reserve
HIRHAM HIgh-Resolution Hamburg Climate Model
HIRMI Hawaii Island Reef Monitoring Initiative
HIRS Heron Island Research Station
HIRSA Hawaii Island Resort Scuba Association
HISC Hawaii Invasive Species Council
HIWG Hawaii Interagency Coral Reef Mitigation Working Group
HKMCS Hong Kong Marine Conservation Society
HL Hydrology Laboratory (NOAA)
HLIP High Light Induced Protein
HLLE Head and Lateral Line Erosion
HLOP Hawaii Longline Observer Program
HLSBS High-Latitude Spring Bloom Systems
HMAP History of Marine Animal Populations
HML Hollings Marine Laboratory (NOAA)
HMP Habitat Matching Program
HMRD Hazardous Materials and Response Division (NOAA)
HMRFS Hawaiian Marine Recreational Fishery Survey
HMRG Hawaii Mapping and Researcg Group
HMS Highly Migratory Species
HMS-RFMO Highly Migratory Species - Regional Fisheries Monitoring Organization
HMSRP Hawaii Monk Seal Recovery Plan
HMSRT Hawaiian Monk Seal Recovery Team
HMT Hybrid Mapping Tool
HNIS Harmful Non-Indigenous Species Database (Hawaii)
HNL Honolulu
HNLC High Nutrient, Low Chlorophyll
Ho Null Hypothesis
HOMRC Hawaii Ocean and Marine Resources Council
HOST Hawaii Ocean Safety Team
HOTO Health of the Oceans
HOTS Hawaii Ocean Time Series
HP Habitat Program
HP Hedonic Pricing
HPCC High Performance Computing and Communications
HPDD High Pressure Directional Drilling
HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography
HPO Historic Preservation Office (RMI)
HPRD Habitat and Protected Resource Division (NMFS/NOAA)
HPSB High-Performance Sustainable Building
HPU Hawaii Pacific University
HQ Headquarters
HRI Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative
HRI Harte Research Institute
HROV Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle
HRPT High Resolution Picture Transmission
HRRA Hagatna Restoration and Redevelopment Authority
HRS Hawaii Revised Statute
HRU Hydrologic Response Units
HS High Seas
HSC Division of Habitat and Species Conservation (FWC Florida)
HSC Hazardous Substances Committee (OSPAR)
HSCN Thiocyanic Acid
HSD Honestly Significant Difference (as in Tukey HSD Test)
HSF Hawaii Scale Feet
HSF Heat Shock Factor
HSI Habitat Suitability Index
HSL Hazardous Substance List
HSMB High School Marine Biology Program (Shedd Aquarium)
HSMPA High Seas Marine Protected Areas
HSPs Heat Shock Proteins
HURL Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
HVACR Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
HWF Hawaii Wildlife Fund
HWMO Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization
HWU Heriot-Watt University (Scotland)
HY-INT Hydroclimatic Intensity
HYCOM Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model