This List of Acronyms and other Abbreviations was compiled from the coral, coral reef, marine tropical ecosystems, and related peer-reviewed literature, grey literature, and other written and electronic reports, including e-mail messages. The terms on the list number nearly 3,600 (as of February 2010) and continue to grow on a daily to weekly basis. CoRIS invites readers to suggest additional acronyms and abbreviations via or

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I&FF Investment and Financial Flows
I&M Inventory and Monitoring
I&M of NPS/SFCN Inventory and Monitoring Program, National Park Service/South Florida Caribbean Network
I-CREOS International Network of Coral Reef Ecosystem Observing Systems
I-RASC Infra Red Light Against Surveillance Camera
IAA Inter-agency agreement
IABIN Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network
IABO International Association of Biological Oceanography
IAC Inter-American Convention for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles
IACGEC Inter-Agency Committee on Global Environmental Change
IACMST Inter-Agency Committee on Marine Science and Technology (UK)
IACUC Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IAI Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research
IAM Invertebrate and Algae Monitoring
IAM Integrated Assessment Model
IAMSLIC International Association of Aquatic & Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers
IAN Integration and Application Network (UMD Center for Environmental Science)
IAP International Advisory Panel
IAPSO International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Oceans
IAPT International Association for Plant Taxonomy
IAS Institute of Applied Science
IAS Invasive Alien Species
IAS Indian Administrative Service
IAS Institute of Applied Sciences (USP)
IAS-HYCOM Intra America Seas Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (RSMAS)
IASCP International Association for the Study of Common Property
IASI Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer
IASNFS Intra-Americas Sea Nowcast/Forecast System (NRL)
IATTC Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
IAV Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability
IBA Important Bird Area
IBAMA Brazilian Government Environmental Agency
IBC International Bathymetric Charts
IBCCA International Bathymetric Chart of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico
IBD Isolation By Distance
IBI Index of Biological Integrity
IBM Individual-Based Model
iBOL International Barcode of Life
IBOY International Biodiversity Observation Year
IBP Integrated Bar of the Philippines
IBPoW Programmes of Work on Island Biodiversity
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
IBSS Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas (Ukraine)
IC Impervious Cover
IC Ion chromatography
IC-4D Interactive Calibration of Four Dimensions
ICA Inlet Contributing Area
ICA International Council on Archives
ICAIS International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species
ICAM Integrated Coastal Area Management
ICBN International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
ICC International Coastal Cleanup
ICC Island Coordinating Council (Australia)
ICC Impervious Cover Coefficient
ICCAT International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas
ICCB International Conference on Coelenterate Biology
ICCB International Congress for Conservation Biology
ICCOS Interdepartmental Coordinating Committee on Offshore Surveys
ICCOS International Centre for Coastal and Ocean Policy Studies
ICCP International Climate Change Partnership
ICEDA Icelandic International Development Agency
ICEM International Centre for Environmental Management
ICES International Council for the Exploration of the Seas
ICETA Instituto de Ciências e Tecnologias Agrárias e Agro-Alimentares (UP)
ICF Instituto Nacional de Conservacion y Desarrollo Forestal, Areas Protegidas y Vida Silvestre
ICIS Integrated Catch Information Systems
ICLARM International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (now WorldFish Centre)
ICLEI International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
ICM Integrated Coastal Management (also IC Zone M and IC Area M)
ICM Impervious Cover Model
ICMA Integrated Coastal Management Authority (Cuba)
ICMBio Brazilian Governmental Agency for Biodiversity Conservation
ICOADS International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set
ICOD Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Insular Coastal Dynamics
ICOHH International Center for Ocean and Human Health (BIOS)
ICOLL Intermittently Closed and Open Lakes and Lagoon
ICoMM International Census of Marine Microbes
ICON Integrated Coral Observing Network
ICON/CREWS Integrated Coral Observing Network/Coral Reef Early Warning System (NOAA)
ICOOS Integrated Coastal and Ocean Observation System Act of 2009
ICOSRMI Interagency Committee on Ocean Science and Resource Management Integration
ICP Integrated Contingency Plan
ICPAC International Climate Prediction and Applications Centre
ICPT Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Trieste, Italy)
ICRAM Central Institute for Applied Marine Research (Italy)
ICRAN International Coral Reef Action Network
ICRI International Coral Reef Initiative
ICRIN International Coral Reef Information Network
ICRMN Indian Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network
ICRMP Integrated Coastal Resource Management Plan
ICRS International Coral Reef Symposium
ICS International Commission on Stratigraphy
ICS Incident Command System
ICSU International Council of Scientific Unions
ICT Information Communication Technology
ICTF Irish Coral Task Force
ICTs Information and Communication Technologies
ICTV International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses
ICW Intracoastal waterway
ICWRP International Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership
ICZM Integrated Coastal Zone Management
ICZN International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature; sometimes used for the "International Code of Zoological Nomenclature"
ID Identification
IDA Intensely Developed Areas
IDA Inventory, Discovery, Access (GBIF)
IDB Inter-American Development Bank
IDCA International Dolphin Conservation Act of 1992
IDCPA International Dolphin Conservation Program Act
IDDE Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
IDEA Integrated Data and Environmental Applications Center (NOAA)
IDEAM Instituto de Estudios Ambientales (Colombia)
IDIQ Indefinite Duration, Indefinite Quantity
IDL Interactive Data Language
IdO Instituto de Oceanología (Institute of Oceanology - Cuba)
IDOE International Decade of Ocean Exploration
IDRC International Development Research Center
IE Interoperability Experiment
IEA Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (NOAA)
IEA International Energy Agency
IEAs Integrated Ecosystem Assessments
IEC Information, Education and Communication
IEC Information, Education and Communication
IEDC International Economic Development Council
IEE Initial Environmental Examination
IEEE Institute for Electronics and Electrical Engineering
IEF Isoelectric Focusing
IEI International Environment Institute (UMT)
IEM Integrated Ecosystem Management
IEO Instituto Espanol de Oceanografía (Spanish Institute of Oceanography)
IEOS International Earth Observing System
IERP Integrated Ecosystem Research Program
IES Institute of Ecology and Systematics (CITMA)
IET International Expert Team
IETM Initial Eocene Thermal Maximum
IFA Interjurisdictional Fisheries Act
IFAME Institute for Applied Marine Ecology (CSUMB)
IFARMC Integrated Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Councils (Philippines)
IFEMS Integrated Fishery and Environmental Management Statement
IFISH International Fishing Industry Safety & Health
IFLA International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
IFLPP International Fisheries Law and Policy Portal
IFPRI International Food Policy Research Institute
IFRECOR L'Initiative Française sur les Récifs Coralliens (French Coral Reef Initiative)
IFREMER Institut Francais de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea)
IFRO Iranian Fisheries Research Organization
IFTS Introduction from the Sea
IGAD Intergovernmental Authority on Development
IGARSS International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
IGBA Island Green Building Association
IGBP International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (ICSU)
IGBP-DIS International Geosphere-Biosphere Program Data and Information System
IGDR Interim Geophysical Data Record
IGEO Institute of Tropical Geography (CITMA)
IGERT Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (NSF)
IGO Intergovernmental Organization
IGOS Integrated Global Observing Strategy
IGOSS Integrated Global Ocean Services System
IGR Intergenic Region
IGU International Geophysical Union
IHDP International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change
IHEI International Hotels Environment Initiative
IHO International Hydrographic Organization
IIFB International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity
IIOE International Indian Ocean Expedition
IJEPA Indonesia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement
IKBS Iterative Knowledge Base System (La Réunion. Fr)
IKONOS High-resolution commercial earth imaging satellite operated by Space Imaging, Inc
ILA Industrial, Landscaping, and Agricultural
ILMMA Indonesia Locally Managed Marine Area Foundation
ILO International Labor Organization
ILTER International Long-Term Ecological Research
iLUC Indirect Land Use Change
IMA Institute of Marine Affairs (Trinidad and Tobago)
IMA International Marinelife Alliance
IMAGE Integrated Model to Assess the Global Environment
IMAR Institute of Marine Research (UA)
IMarEST Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (SIO)
IMARPE Instituto del Mar del Perú
IMaRS Institute for Marine Remote Sensing (USF)
IMAU Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Resesarch (The Netherlands)
IMB Institute of Molecular Biology (UO)
IMBER Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research
IMBY In My Backyard
IMCC International Marine Conservation Congress
IMCC2 2nd International Marine Conservation Congress
IMCRA Interim Marine and Coastal Regionalisation for Australia
IMDC International Marine Debris Conference
IMDC5 Fifth International Marine Debris Conference
IMDCC Interagency Marine Debris Coordinating Committee
IMDIS International Marine Data and Information Systems
IMECOCAL Investigaciones Mexicanas de la Corriente de California
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMMMA Indonesia Marine Mammal Management Area
IMMR International Meeting on Marine Resources
IMN Idiopathic Muscle Necrosis
IMN Integrated Monitoring Network (NOAA/AOML)
IMO International Maritime Organization
IMO International Maritime Organisation
IMOS Integrated Marine Observing System (Australia)
IMP Inlet Management Plan
IMPAC International Marine Project Activities Center
IMPACT Integrated Marine Protected Area Climate Tool
IMPASP Integrated Marine Protected Areas Systems Plan (Seychelles)
IMPROVE Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments
IMS Information Management System
IMS Institute of Marine Science (Tanzania)
IMS Internet Map Server
IMS Institute of Marine Sciences (UNC-Morehead City)
IMSG I.M. Systems Group
IMSTI Institute of Marine Scientific and Technological Information
IMSWE Investigations of Marine Shallow Water Ecosystems
INAPESCA Instituto Nacional de Pesca (Mexico)
INBS Index Nesting Beach Survey
INC Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a Convention on Biological Diversity
INCO Iranian National Center for Oceanography
INCOIS Indian National Center for Ocean Information Service
INDEX-SATAL Indonesia-US Scientific and Technical Cooperation in Ocean Exploration
INDOEX Indian Ocean Experiment
INDOOS Indian Ocean Observing System
INE Instituto Nacional de Ecología (National Institute of Ecology - Mexico)
INISTE International Network for Information in Science and Technology Education
INOCAR Instituto Oceanográfico de la Armada (Ecuador)
INODC Indian National Oceanographic Data Center
INPARQUES Venezuelan national parks body
InPort Information Portal (NOAA/NMFS)
INPUT Working Group on Inputs to the Marine Environment (OSPAR)
INRENA National Institute for Natural Resource
INRMP Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan (DoD)
InSAR Synthetic Aperture Radar
INVEMAR Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras (Colombia)
IO Instant Ocean
IOBC Indian Ocean Biological Centre
IOBC International Organization for Biological Control of Noxious Animals and Plants
IOBIS International OBIS
IOBP International Organization of Plant Biosystematists
IOC Indian Ocean Commission
IOC Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
IOCARIBE Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission - Sub-Commission for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions
IOCM Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping (NOAA)
IOD Indian Ocean Dipole
IODE International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange
IODP Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
IOGOOS Indian Ocean Global Ocean Observing System
IOI International Ocean Institute
IOLR Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research
IOM International Organization of Migration
ION International Ocean Network
IOOS Integrated Ocean Observing System (NOAA)
IOP Inherent Optical Properties
IOS Integrated Global Observing System
IOS IGOSS Observing System
IOS Institute of Oceanographic Sciences (Canada)
IOS Integrated Observing System
IOS Indian Ocean Tracking Station
IOS Improved Oceanographic Sensor
IOSEA Indian Ocean-South-East Asian
IOTC Indian Ocean Tuna Commission
IP Individual Permit
IPAS Integrated Protected Areas System
IPBES Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
IPBES Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPCC AR5 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 5th Assessment Report
IPHAB Intergovernmental Panel on Harmful Algal Blooms (IOC)
IPIECA International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association
IPL Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Portugal)
IPM Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting (UN)
IPMEN International Pacific Marine Educators Network (Australia)
IPO Integrated Program Office
IPO Inter-decadal Pacific Oscillation
IPOA International Plan of Action
IPR Independent Peer Review
IPR Intellectual Property Rights
IPRC International Pacific Research Center
IPRS International Post-graduate Research Scholarships
IPT Interdisciplinary Plan Team
IPT Integrated Products Team
IPY International Polar Year
IQA Information Quality Act (NMFS/NOAA)
IR InfraRed
IRA Internal Revenue Allotment
IRAP International Research and Applications Project
IRC Inouye Regional Center
IRCCM International Research Consortium on Continental Margins
IRCP International Registry of Coral Pathology
IRCP Institute for Pacific Coral Reefs (Moorea, French Polynesia)
IRD Institut de recherche pour le développement
IREMIA Institut de Recherche en Mathématiques et Informatique Appliquées (La Réunion, Fr)
IREP International Recruitment Project (OSLR/IOC)
IRF Island Resources Foundation (BVI)
IRFA Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis
IRI International Research Institute for Climate and Society
IRL Indian River Lagoon
IRRM Integrated Reef Resources Management (St. Thomas)
IS Ionian Sea
ISA International Seabed Authority
ISAF International Shark Attack File
ISAT Image Station Automatic Triangulation
ISATEC International Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology
ISBW International Seagrass Biology Workshop
ISC International Scientific Committee for Tuna and Tuna-like Species in the North Pacific Ocean
ISDM Integrated Science Data Management (BIO/Canada)
ISE Ion Selective Electrode
ISEM International Society for Ecological Modelling
ISFD Institute for Strategic Funding Development (UHI)
ISFET Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor
ISFS Invasive Species Forecasting System
ISH In Situ Hybridization
ISI Implement Season to Interannual Climate Forecasts
ISI-MIP Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project
IsiMWP IsiMangaliso Wetland Park (South Africa)
ISIN Invasive Species Information Node (NBII)
ISISA International Small Islands Studies Association (UTAS)
ISJ Ichthyological Society of Japan
ISM Imperiled Species Management (FWC Florida)
ISMA Intensively Studied Marine Area
ISME International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISOECOL VII 7th International Conference on Applications of Stable Isotope Techniques to Ecological Studies
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISPS International Ship and Port Facility Security
ISR Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
ISRAMAR Israel Marine Data Center
ISRO Indian Space Research Organization (INDIA)
ISRS International Society for Reef Studies
ISSD Image Station Stereo Display
ISSE Institute for the Study of Society and Environment
ISSG Invasive Species Specialist Group
ISSHA International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae
ISSSS International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity
ISTIC International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre (UNESCO)
IT Information Technology
ITA International Trade Administration
ITCA 2-iminothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid
ITCZ Intertropical Convergence Zone
ITEC Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation (Panama)
ITEE School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (UQ)
ITF Intertropical Front
ITF Indonesian Throughflow
ITIC International Tsunami Information Centre
ITIS Integrated Taxonomic Information System
ITME Institute for Tropical Marine Ecology (Dominica)
ITMEMS International Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management Symposium
ITQ Individual Transferable Quota
ITS Internal Transcribed Spacer
ITS Industrial Test Systems
ITS Information Technology Support
ITTO International Tropical Timber Organization
IUBS International Union of Biological Sciences
IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources; World Conservation Union
IUCN-ELG International Union for Conservation of Nature - Ecosystems and Livelihoods Group
IUCN-GMP International Union for Conservation of Nature - Global Marine Program
IUI Interuniversity Institute of Marine Science in Eilat
IUMS International Union of Microbiological Sciences
IUPA Index of Usefulness of Practices for Adaptation
IUPAC International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
IUU Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated
IUU Fishing Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fishing
IW:LEARN International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network
IWC International Whaling Commission
IWC International Wildlife Coalition
IWCAM Integrating Watershed and Coastal Area Management
IWG Interagency Working Group
IWG-OA Interagency Working Group on Ocean Acidification
IWG-OCM Interagency Working Group on Ocean and Coastal Mapping
IWGDD Inter-agency Working Group for Scientific Digital Data
IWGDMGC Interagency Working Group on Data Management for Global Change
IWGOA Interagency Working Group on Ocean Acidification (JSOST)
IWM Integrated Watershed Management
IWM International Waters Management
IWMI International Water Management Institute
IWR Impaired Waters Rule
IWRM Integrated Water Resource Management
IYB International Year of Biodiversity (UNESCO)
IYO International Year of the Oceans
IYOR International Year of the Reef