This List of Acronyms and other Abbreviations was compiled from the coral, coral reef, marine tropical ecosystems, and related peer-reviewed literature, grey literature, and other written and electronic reports, including e-mail messages. The terms on the list number nearly 3,600 (as of February 2010) and continue to grow on a daily to weekly basis. CoRIS invites readers to suggest additional acronyms and abbreviations via or

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R Software Program R, Version 2.15 R Development Core Team 2011
R&D Research and Development
R&D Marshall Islands Ministry of Resources and Development (Marshall Islands)
R&R Rainforest and Reef
R&R Rugosity and Roughness
R/S Remote Sensing
R/V Research Vessel
R2 Reef Resilience
R2 Responsible Recyclers
R2R Reef Resilience
R2R Rolling Deck to Repository
RA Regional Administrator
RA Research Assistant
RA Regional Association
RA Research Assistant
RAC Red Ac├║stica del Carib (Caribbean Acoustic Network)
RAC Regional Activity Center
RAC/REMPEITC-Carib Regional Marine Pollution Emergency, Information and Training Center - Wider Caribbean (Curacao, NA)
RAC/SPA Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (Barcelona Convention)
RACE Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends
RACE Restoration and Assessment of Coral Ecosystems
RACEBASE Resource Assessment and Conservation Engineering Database
RADAR Radio Detection and Ranging
RAE Restore America's Estuaries
RAIOMA Resource Assessment Investigation of the Marianas Archipelago
RAIS Regional Aquaculture Information System
RAMNM Rose Atoll Marine National Monument
RAMP Reef Assessment and Mapping Program; Rapid Assessment and Mapping Program
RAMPAO Regional Network of MPAs in West Africa
RAMSAR International Convention on Wetlands
RANWR Rose Atoll National Wildlife Refuge
RAP Rapid Assessment Protocol (Program)
RAP Regional Action Plan
RAP Remedial Action Plan
RAP Representative Areas Program
RAPD Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA profile
RAPPAM Rapid Assessment and Prioritization of Protected Areas Management
RAR Resources at Risk
RARGOM Regional Association for Research on the Gulf of Maine
RASOC Reef Aquarium Society of Charlotte
RBD Red-Band Disease
RBF Reef Ball Foundation
RBMD Residential Building Mandatory Disclosure
RBNERR Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
RBP Rapid Bioassessment Protocol
RC ReefCheck
RC Reef Cut
RC NOAA Restoration Center (NOAA)
RC Reef Central
RC Remnant Colony
RCA Rockfish Conservation Area
RCA Resource Conservation Areas
RCAP Rural Community Assistance Program
RCASB Research Coordination and Administrative Support Branch
RCC ReefCare Curacao
RCCA Reef Check California
RCCL Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
RCDB Restoration Center Data Base (NOAA)
RCF Reef Check Foundation
RCM Recording Current Meter
RCN Research Coordination Networks (NSF)
RCOF Caribbean Regional Climate Outlook Forum
RCOOS Regional Coastal Ocean Observing Systems (NOAA)
RCP Regional Campaign Plan
RCP Representative Concentration Pathway
RCr Reef Crest
RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
RCSD Regional Climate Service Director (NOAA)
RCU Regional Coordination Unit
RCUH Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii
RCUK Reef Conservation UK
RD Regional Director (NMFS/NOAA)
RDAC Regional Data Assembly Centres
RDBMS Relational Database Management System
RDF Resource Description Framework
RDP Ribosomal Database Project
RDT Roving Diver Technique (REEF)
REA Rapid Ecological Assessment
REAC Regional Ecosystem Advisory Committee
REC Renewable Energy Certificate
RecFIN Recreational Fishery Information network
ReCoFi Regional Commission for Fisheries
RECOMAP Regional programme for the sustainable management of the coastal zones of the Indian Ocean countries
RECON Reef Ecosystem Condition Monitoring Program (Ocean Conservancy)
RECOVER Restoration Coordination and Verification
REDD Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation
REDD-Plus Reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation, conservation of existing carbon stocks and enhancement of carbon stocks
REDM Regional Ecosystem Data Management (NOAA)
REDS Special Regions of Sustainable Development (Cuba)
REEF Reef Environmental Education Foundation
REEF-EX Reef Exercise (DoD)
ReefCI Reef Conservation International
ReefGIS ReefBase's Online Geographic Information System
REEFREP Reef Reporting System
REEM Resource Ecology & Ecosystem Modeling Program (NOAA/AFSC)
REFM Resource Ecology & Fisheries Management Division (NOAA/AFSC)
REHDES Red Ecologista Hondurena para el Desarrollo Sostenible
REMIG Mexican Network of Biodiversity Information
REMOTE Research and Monitoring Team
REMPEC Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Center for the Mediterranean Sea
REMUS Remote Environmental Monitoring Units
REN Reef Education Network
RENOBOS National Network of Dive Operators reporting Underwater Observations (Colombia)
REP-IOC/EU Regional Environment Program of the Indian Ocean Commission
REPP Regional Ecosystem Prediction Program (NOAA)
RESTORE Act Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunity, and Revived Economies of the Gulf States Act of 2012
retro-Cx Retrocommissioning
REU Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NSF)
REWAP Regional Wetland Action Plan
RF Radio Frequency
RF Reef Flat
RFA Restricted Fishing Area
RFA Recreational Fishing Alliance
RFA Regulatory Flexibility Act
RFAC Regional Fisheries Application Center
RFDTF Recreational Fisheries Data Task Force
RFI Request for Information
RFLP Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
RFMA Regional Fisheries Management Area
RFMC Regional Fishery Management Council
RFMO Regional Fisheries Management Organization
RFMO/As Regional Fisheries Management Organizations and Agreements
RFMT Rio Fajardo Watershed Municipal Taskforce
RFP Request for Proposal
RFP Red Fluorescent Protein
RfS Reef Slope
RFS Reef Fish Survey
RFT MARC Richard F. Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center (UOG)
RFW Rio Fajardo Watershed
RFWMB Rio Fajardo Watershed Management Board
RG Repetitive Group
RGM Reactive Gaseous Mercury
RGPIR Office of Research, Graduate Programmes & International Relations (COB)
Rh Heterotrophic respiration
RHA Rivers and Harbors Act
RI Rocky Intertidal
RIA Radioimmunoassay
RICE Regional Information Coordination Entities
RID Riverine Inputs and Direct Discharges (OSPAR)
RIDS Response Information Data Sheets
RIMF Research Institute of Marine Fisheries (Republic of Vietnam)
RIMPAC Rim of the Pacific Exercise
RIMS Roatan Institute of Marine Science
RIN Research Information Note
RiNBio Red de Informacion en Biodiversidad (Information Network in Biodiversity)
RIPR Reef Injury Prevention and Response (FDEP)
RIR Recreational Impacts to Reefs (LAS)
RIR Regulatory Impact Review
RIRLAS Recreational Impacts Reefs Local Action Strategies
RIRM Iberoamerican Network of Marine Reserves
RIS Regulatory Impact Statement
RISA Regional Integrated Science and Assessment
RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (The Netherlands)
RKI ReefKeeper International
RLC Rapid Light Curve
RLIN Research Libraries Information Network
RLO Rickettsia-Like Organism
RM Resource Management
RMAP Research and Monitoring Action Plan
RMI Republic of the Marshall Islands
RMIEPA Republic of the Marshall Islands Environmental Protection Authority
RMNP Ras Mohammed National Park (Egypt)
RMP Roatan Marine Park
RMP Resource Management Plan
RMS Root Mean Square
RNA Research Natural Areas
RNA Ribonucleic Acid
RNA Regulated Navigational Areas
RNA-seq Transcriptome Sequencing
RNAi RNA-Mediated Interference
RNC Raster Nautical Chart (NOAA)
RNHP Australian Government Regional Natural Heritage Programme
RNODC Responsible National Oceanographic Data Center
RNT Residual Nitrogen Time
RO Regional Organization
ROB Remotely-Operated Bucket
ROD Record of Decision (NOAA)
ROFS Regional Ocean Forecast System (NOAA)
ROFW Recovered Oil Fund for Wildlife (NFWF)
ROMS Regional Ocean Modeling System (RSMAS)
RON Regional OBIS Node
ROPME Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment (of the sea area surrounded by Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates)
ROPME Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment (UNEP Regional Seas Programme)
ROS Reactive Oxygen Species
ROSCOP Report of Observations/Samples Collected by Oceanographic Programs
ROV Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle
RP Republic of Panama
RP Responsible Party
RP-HPLC reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography
RPA Reserve Preservation Area
RPA Resource Planning Act (1974)
RPAP Resource Protection Action Plan
RPI Reef Protection International
RPI Risk Prediction Initiative (BIOS)
RPIU Regional Project Implementation Unit
RPOA Regional Plan of Action (CTI)
RPS Recover Protected Species
RPSD Regional Policy on Sustainable Development
RR Recreational Reserve
RRC Reef Research Centre (CRC)
RRC The 2nd Reef Resilience Conference: Planning for Resilience
RRCC Reef Resilience and Climate Change
RRF Reef Relief Founders
RRI Retrofit Reconnaissance Inventory
rRNA Ribosomal RNA
RRRC Reef and Rainforest Research Centre
RRT Regional Response Team (NOAA)
RS Rocky Shore
RS Reserve Specials
RSAT Rapid Stream Assessment Technique
RSB Range Support Boat (DoD)
RSC Radioactive Substances Committee (OSPAR)
RSCA Red Sea Conservation Alliance
RSF Research Support Facility
RSGA Red Sea and Gulf of Aden
RSM Regional Simulation Model
RSM Regional Sediment Management
RSMAS Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science (University of Miami)
RSO Regional Science Officer (NODC/NOAA)
RSP Regional Seas Programme (UNEP)
RSP Restoration Science Program (NOAA)
RSPAWG Restoration Science Program Advisory Working Group
RSPB Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
RSS Rich Site Summary; Really Simple Syndication; RDF Site Summary
RSS Really Simple Syndication
RT- PCR Real-Time-Polymerase Chain Reaction
RTCC Responding To Climate Change
RTD Real-Time Data
RTL Rapid Tissue Loss
RTM Radiative Transfer Model
RTMADS Regional Tuna Management and Development Strategy
RTN Rapid Tissue Necrosis
RTOFS Real-Time Ocean Forecast System (NOAA)
RTR Ridge to Reefs
RU Research University (Malaysia)
RUCOOL Rutgers University Coastal Ocean Observation Laboratory
RV Research Vessel
RVAT Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Tool
RVC Reef Visual Census
RW Rapid Wasting
RWD Rapid Wasting Disease
RWF Reef-World Foundation
RWI Rainbow Warriors International
RWMC Reef Watch Marine Conservation (India)
RWPPB River Watershed Protection Plan Base
RWQMP Research and Water Quality Monitoring Program
RWQPP Reef Water Quality Protection Plan (Australia)