This List of Acronyms and other Abbreviations was compiled from the coral, coral reef, marine tropical ecosystems, and related peer-reviewed literature, grey literature, and other written and electronic reports, including e-mail messages. The terms on the list number nearly 3,600 (as of February 2010) and continue to grow on a daily to weekly basis. CoRIS invites readers to suggest additional acronyms and abbreviations via or

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T Thymine
T & E Threatened & Endangered
T&D Transmission and Distribution
T&T Trinidad and Tobago
T-S Diagram Temperature-Salinity Diagram
TA Total Alkalinity
TA Teaching Assistant
TAAF Terres Australes et Antarctiques Francaises
TABS Texas Automated Buoy System (TAMU)
TAC Total Allowable Catch
TAC Sea Turtle Advisory Committee
TAFIRI Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute
TAL Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory (SFRC/UF)
TAMU Texas A&M University
TAMUG Texas A & M University at Galveston
tangle net Total Alkalinity
TAO Tropical Atmosphere Ocean
TAP Trajectory Analysis Planner
TaraGen Taro Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization
TAS Teacher at Sea (NOAA)
TASTE Toledo Association of Sustainable Tourism and Empowerment
TAT Topical Advisory Team
TB Terabyte
TB Teague Bay watershed
TB Toboggan (Reunion)
TBD To Be Determined
TBMP Tumon Bay Marine Preserve (Guam)
TBR Tree Bisection-Reconnection
TBR Taiaro Biosphere Reserve
TBT Total Bottom Time
TBT Tributyltin
TC Technical Committee
TC Technical Coordinator
TC Togean Consortium
TC Total Carbon
TC Thalassia coral mix
TC Tropical Cyclone
TCA Trichloroethane
TCBS Thiosulfate Citrate Bile Salts Sucrose Agar
TCCC Tarawa Climate Change Conference
TCDR Thematic Climate Data Record (NOAA)
TCE Trichloroethylene
TCEMP Tobago Coastal Ecosystem Mapping Project (T&T)
TCI Turks and Caicos Islands
TCMP Tobago Cays Marine Park (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
TCMP Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership
TCMS Tropical Coastal Management Studies Center (NU)
TCNT Turks and Caicos National Trust
TCODE Technical Committee on Data Exchange (PICES)
TCOE The College of Exploration
TCOON Texas Coastal Ocean Observation Network
TCR T cell receptor
TCRMP Territorial Coral Reef Monitoring Program
TCRS Taiwanese Coral Reef Society
TCS The Coastal Society
TCS The Crustacean Society
TCyr-1 Tons of Carbon per year
TDA Trans-boundary Diagnostic Analysis
TDI The Dolphin Institute
TDM Total Design Method
TDN Total Dissolved Nitrogen
TDP Total Dissolved Phosphorus
TDR Time and Depth Recorder
TDR Transfer of Development Rights
TDS Towed Diver Survey
TDS Total Dissolved Solids
TDT Total Dive Time
TDWG Taxonomic Databases Working Group
TE Toxicity Evaluation
TEAP Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (UNEP)
TED Turtle Excluder Device
TEEB The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity
TEEWG Toxicology and Ecological Epidemiology working group (Coral Health and Disease in the Pacific Workshop)
TEK Traditional Ecological Knowledge
TEL/PEL Threshold and Probable Effects Levels
TEM Transmission Electron Microscopy
TEMA Training, Education and Mutual Assistance programme (IOC)
TEMA Territorial Emergency Management Agency
TEN Togeans Ecotourism Network
TER Tortugas Ecological Reserve
TERANGI The Indonesian Coral Reef Foundation
TERSA Tortugas Ecological Reserve Study Area
TES Threatened and Endangered Species
TESS Threatened and Endangered Species System
TEV Total Economic Value
TEWG Turtle Expert Working Group
Texas GEMS Texas Gulf Ecological Management Sites
TF Transcription Factor
TFMPA Task Force on MPAs (Australia)
TGZ Tide Gauge Zero (UH)
TH Turner Hole watershed
THA Thalassia, Halimeda, Amphiora
THA Tobago House of Assembly (T&T)
THC Thermohaline Circulation
THREDDS Thematic Real-time Environmental Distributed Data Services
Three D (3D) Three Dimensional
TIC Total Inorganic Carbon (also "CT")
TIDE Toledo Institute for Development and Environment
TIFF Tag Image File Format
TIGER Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing system
TIGHAR The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery
TIME Tides and Inflows in the Mangrove Ecotone
TIN Taxonomic Identification Number (ITIS)
TIO Texas Institute of Oceanography (TAMU)
TIV Tunnel Inspection Vehicle
TKN Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen
TL Total Length
TLC Thin-Layer Chromatography
TLP Transect Line Plot
TM Thematic Mapper
TMCB Tropical Marine Conservation Biology (CIEE, Bonaire, NA)
TMCT Technical Monitoring and Compliance Team
TMDL Total Maximum Daily Load
TMPAS Tasmanian Marine Protected Area Strategy
TMS tricaine methanesulfonate
TN Total Nitrogen
TNC The Nature Conservancy
TNT Total Nitrogen Time
TNYC Tonga National Youth Congress
TOA Top-of-Atmosphere
TOAD Towed Optical Assessment Device
TOC Total Organic Carbon
TOC The Ocean Conservancy
TOD Theoretical Ocean Depth
TOF The Ocean Foundation
TOGA Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere Program
TOGA-TAO Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere Program -Tropical Atmosphere Ocean project (NOAA)
TOL Tree Of Life
TOM Territoires d'Outre Mer
TON Total Organic Nitrogen
TON Techno Ocean Network
TONGS Television Observed Nautical Grappling System
TOPP Tagging of Pacific Pelagics (or Predators)
TOR Terms of Reference
TORI Taiwan Ocean Research Institute
TOS The Oceanography Society
ToT Training of Trainers
TP Trigger Probability
TP Territorial Park
TPA Third Party Annotation
TPC Tropical Prediction Center (NOAA)
TPD Town Planning Department (Jamaica)
TPDES Territorial Pollution Discharge Elimination System
TPH Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons
TPIO Technology, Planning, and Integration Program (NESDIS/NOAA)
TPMRMP Tres Palmas Marine Reserve Management Plan
TPPG The Tropical Pacific Proving Ground
TPS Territorial Park System
TPW Texas Parks and Wildlife
TPWD Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
TR Territorial Reserve
TR Technical Report
TRAC Transboundary Resources Assessment Committee
TRACES Transatlantic Coral Ecosystems Study
TRAF Tsunami Reef Action Fund
TRAFFIC Wildlife Trade Monitoring network
TRANSMAP Transboundary Networks of MPAs for Integrated Conservation and Sustainable Development (East Africa)
TRE Rare, Threatened and Endangered (Species)
TREC Belize Marine Tropical Research and Education Center (TU)
TRI Tropical Research Initiative (WHOI)
TRIGOH Tri-national Alliance for the Conservation of the Gulf of Honduras (Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras)
TRITON TRIangle Trans-Ocean Buoy Network
TRL Tropical Research Laboratory (MML)
TRLWG Tropical Rock Lobster Working Group (Australia)
TRMM Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission
tRNA Transfer RNA
TRO - SIS Transdisciplinary Organization for Subtropical Island Studies (University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan)
TROPICS Tropical Oil Pollution Investigation in Coastal Systems
TRP Target Reference Point
TRS Tuxpan Reef System
TRUE Teen Research Underwater Explorers
TS CRC Torres Strait Cooperative Research Centre
TSA Thermal Stress Anomaly
TSA Transportation Security Administration (San Juan Airport)
TSC Train Sea Coast
TSD Technical Support Document
TSER Tortugas South Ecological Reserve (also known as Riley's Hump)
TSG Thermosalinograph
TSLA Territorial Submerged Lands act
TSM Total Suspended Matter
TSN Taxonomic Serial Number (ITIS)
TSPZ Torres Strait Protected Zone
TSRA Torres Strait Regional Authority (Australia)
TSS Total Suspended Solids
TSSAC Torres Strait Scientific Advisory Committee
TSU Technical Support Unit
TT Threshold Temperature
TTEM Total Tissue Extraction Method.
TTO Transient Tracers in the Ocean
TTP Thymidine Triphosphate
TTPI Trust Territory of the Pacific
TTX Tetradotoxin
TU Temple University
TUDelft Delft University of Technology
TUFFA Tambungon United Farmers and Fisherfolk Association
TUMRAs Traditional Use of Marine Resource Agreements
TURF Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries
TVC Takitumu Vaca Council
TWAS the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (Trieste, Italy)
TWG (SEA) Turtle Working Group
TZCF Transition Zone Chlorophyll Front