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Atlantic Guitarfish - Rhinobatos lentiginosus
Photo by Dr. Matt Gilligan

The Atlantic guitarfish are bottom-dwellers with the mouth on the underside. They are brown-gray with many pale spots, and a somewhat transparent snout. They often lie half-buried in soft bottom in shallow inshore areas, where they eat small mollusks and crustaceans. Atlantic guitarfish usually grow to 1-2 feet.

Atlantic Guitarfish
(Rhinobatos lentiginosus )

From North Carolina down to the northern Gulf of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula

Shallow inshore areas on sand, sea grass and mud. Depth 0-45ft.

Small mollusks and crustaceans


The status of this species is representative of the populations within the waters of this Sanctuary only, not global populations.

Quick Fact
Atlantic guitarfish are ovoviviparous and give birth to up to six 8-inch long pups in a litter.

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