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Garibaldi - Hypsypops rubicundus
Photo by Daniel Gotshall

California’s state marine fish, the garibaldi, grows to 35cm (14in). They are astonishingly territorial and will fend off larger fish and even divers by making noise, nipping, and making aggressive passes. When spawning, the male will groom a section of the reef and farm a patch of red veleroa algae. Females are attracted to the best groomed nest and will lay their eggs for the male to fertilize, and guard until hatching. Garibaldi nests appear in the same areas year after year.

(Hypsypops rubicundus)

Monterey Bay to Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Inshore rocky reef

Sponges, bryozoans, worms, crustaceans


The status of this species is representative of the populations within the waters of this Sanctuary only, not global populations.

Quick Fact
With the exception of red algae, males will work to remove everything (including sea stars) from a nest they are preparing for eggs.

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