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Open Access/E-Books


Over 200 science and information technology books have been added to the NOAA NetLibrary Collection, bringing the total to 300 eBooks, and are available for electronic check out. Subjects include HTML, XHTML, XML, Visual Basic.Net, CGI, Dreamweaver, PHP, Apache, MySQL Web Development, and more.

To access NetLibrary: Go to the link NOAA's Net Library eBook Collection. (Note: this link leads to a resource outside the NOAA Library website.) You do not need to Log In to browse the books. To check out a book or use the bookmarks and notes features, you need to Create an Account, then use the Log In feature.

Books may be browsed online for a short period or checked out for 3 days. NOAA's NetLibrary eBooks are also available through the Rice Library Online Catalog. From the Power Search page, choose Electronic book under item type, then click "Search Catalog" button.

National Academy Press

The mission of the National Academy Press (NAP) is fundamentally about disseminating the results of scientific research. Through the OpenBook system, NAP has created a database-generated Web catalog, which includes links to the free versions of their publications. The Open Book, provides page browsing, and integrated search mechanisms which can search the entire full-text corpus, an entire book, or just one chapter. You can select important terms from any single page to build a tailored search. Entire chapters are viewable, but the single pages "read" better, and can even be printed out for offline reference.